Twilio - Customer Engagement Platform
Project | Explainer Video
Client | Twilio
Studio | Ordinary Folk
Year | 2022
My Role | Animation (01:13-01:18)
Twilio's Customer Engagement Platform helps companies turn transactions into personal conversations - meaning they can provide customers with what they need, and build relationships that last lifetimes.
To illustrate the people-focused nature of Twilio's CEP, we leaned into characters and a dash of 3D in this explainer.

Can’t thanks Ordinary Folk enough for letting me work on this amazing project. I was fortunate enough to work with extremely talented & nice people in the world.

See project details on Behance.
Styleframes designed by Lorena G.
Shot I animated below
I was assigned a 5-sec animation, including character animation & cel animation.
Motion Test - Character Animation
The video below shows my daily progress in the character animation.
Starting with key poses of a big jump, I received feedback from the team to fine tune the main action.
Once we nailed down the overall timing & posing, I moved onto inbetweening and added all the details such as facial expressions, earrings & shoes.
The lower body consists of 3 layers, hip + left leg + right leg.
Without precomp, I used an effect called Compound Arithmetic - it merges multiple layers into one single layer.
Then I can use it as a matte and apply a gradient to the lower body.
Motion Test - Cel Animation
Here's how I tackled the dog cel.
The legs were first drawn in matchsticks.
Its body was broken down into bouncing balls.
• One for the chest
• One for the pelvis
• One for the head & one for the nose

The challenge was to be consistent in the design language while drawing each frame.
The follow through of its floppy ears helped sell the motion.
Creative Direction: Jorge R. Canedo E
Production: Stefan Green, Mona Fani
Script: Kris Cantrell
Lead Designer: Lorena G.
Animation: Josh Edwards, Ricardo Drehmer, Oliver Sin, Meng-Hsueh Lin, Thiago Steka, Romain Loubersanes, Jonas Elsgaard, Filipe Consoni
Voiceover: Thomas A. Aglio, Jr.
Music & SFX: Ambrose Yu
Special Thanks: Manuel Neto, Victor Silva, Grace Pedersen
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