Hey! I’m Meng-Hsueh
Freelance Motion Designer based in Taiwan.
Skilled in 2D animation & character animation.

I have worked with studios such as Ordinary Folk internationally, and a range of studios across Taiwan.
I have worked on projects for clients such as Disney, IKEA, AirBnB, Volkswagen, Gogoro, Twilio, BenQ, ASUS, ViewSonic, 7-11 and more.
Projects include TV commercials, campaigns, social ads, explainers, music videos and projection mapping.
What activities am I doing?
Writing daily
Playing guitar
Japanese Karaoke
What am I reading?
$100 Offers

Books I’ve read and recommend
Atomic Habits
Never Split the Difference
Profit First
The Freelance Manifesto
The Win Without Pitching Manifesto
Show Your Work
Thinking in Bets
What am I watching?
What am I listening to?
Songs About Jane
What games am I playing?
Waiting for FF7 Remake Part 2
Waiting for Hollow Knight: Silksong
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