Hey! I’m Meng-Hsueh
Freelance Motion Designer based in Taiwan.
Skilled in 2D animation & character animation.

I have worked with studios such as Ordinary Folk internationally, and a range of studios across Taiwan.
I have worked on projects for clients such as Disney, IKEA, AirBnB, Volkswagen, Gogoro, Twilio, BenQ, ASUS, ViewSonic, 7-11 and more.
Projects include TV commercials, campaigns, social ads, explainers, music videos and projection mapping.
What am I reading?
$100 Offers
Books I’ve read and recommend
Atomic Habits
Show Your Work
Never Split the Difference
Profit First
The Freelance Manifesto
The Win Without Pitching Manifesto
What activities am I doing?
Writing daily
Playing guitar
Japanese Karaoke
What am I watching?
What am I listening to?
Songs About Jane
What games am I playing?
Waiting for FF7 Remake Part 2
Waiting for Hollow Knight: Silksong
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