Video Sound Basic Course
Project | Promo Video
Studio | 27 Design
Year | 2022
Role | Rigging & Animation (00:51-00:55)
While working at 27 Design, I was fortunate to join this project.
It's a fund raising promo for an online course teaching the basics of audio.
The course instructors are like EMTs, driving an ambulance to save audio in a project.

I was responsible for
• Rigging the ambulance
• Animating the ambulance drifting by a trophy (00:51-00:55)
Rigging a Car
Everything was built in 2D in After Effects.
Here’s the breakdown of my rigging:

Some ambulances had a side view in one styleframe.
Some ambulances had a front view in another styleframe.
So I collected them all and aligned them together in a separate file.

Here’s the trickiest part:
To rig it properly, I had to find each counterpart at a different angle.
So it could rotate seamlessly, like a Faux 3D.

I used Joystick & Sliders to rig two 180° horizontal rotations.
This rig was also used by my colleagues in other scenes.
Shot I animated below
I got the opportunity to animate this crazily fun scene.
This is an Initial D parody!

It’s rare to animate a drifting car in explainers.
This is one of my favorite projects.
All the hard work paid off once I saw it come to life.
Motion Test - Smoke Line
The video below shows I animated the smoke line.
In After Effects, it’s tricky to animate a curved wave like a U shape.
And I wanted to maintain the line width.

Tried some distortion effects, but I failed.

In C4D, I knew I could
• Animate a helix to make it look like a wave
• Bend a spline to make a curved line

So I decided to jump into C4D to solve this problem.
Present:Motioner 二棲知學
Production & Design:二棲設計 27 Design
Director:林呈軒 Cheng-Hsuan Lin
Art Director:陳芊涵 Qian-Han Chen
Animation Supervisor:陳柏尹 Bruce Chen
Designer:吳奕葳 Yi-Wei Wu、廖宜柔 Flora Liao、蔡香蘭 Hsiang-Lan Tsai、陳芊涵 Qian-Han Chen
Animator:王亭婷 Wuxi Wang、朱柏霖 Bo-Lin Chu、吳聲廷 Sheng Ting-Wu、林孟學
Meng-Hsueh Lin、陳柏尹 Bruce Chen
Music & Sound Production:紋聲音樂 WinSound Studio
Original Music:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin、林思妤 Szu-Yu Lin
Sound Design:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin、林思妤 Szu-Yu Lin
Voice Over:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin、林思妤 Szu-Yu Lin
Angry Senior Brother:簡華佐 Stewart Chien
Flurry Junior Brother:黎智軒 Lai Chi-Hin
Calm Senior Sister:林思妤 Szu-Yu Lin
Voice Recording Engineer: 施嘯天 Hsiao-Tien Shih
Voice Recording Studio:擎天信使錄音室 GTXS Studio
Score Mixer & Dubbing Mixer:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin
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