Portfolio Advanced Course
Project | Promo Video
Studio | 27 Design
Year | 2022
Role | Animation (00:15-00:43)
The 3rd online course promo I did at 27Design.
This course is helping motion designers make resumes & build portfolios.

I worked on the animation from 00:15 - 00:43
There are lots of papers flying.😁
Shots I animated below
Motion Test - Flipping Book
The video below shows how I animated the flipping book.
I used the built-in CINEMA 4D renderer in the AE.
This way, it enables curved footage layers.

First, I animated the rotation of the 3D layers.
Second, I animated the Curvature property in Geometry Options for each 3D layer.
Present:Motioner 二棲知學
Production & Design:二棲設計 27 Design
Director:林呈軒 Cheng-Hsuan Lin
Art Director:陳芊涵 Qian-Han Chen
Animation Supervisor:陳柏尹 Bruce Chen
Designer:陳芊涵 Qian-Han Chen、吳奕葳 Yi-Wei Wu、廖宜柔 Yi-Rou Liao、童園婷 Yuan-Ting Tung
Animator:朱柏霖 Bo-Lin Chu、林孟學 Meng-Hsueh Lin、王亭婷 Wuxi Wang
Music & Sound Production:紋聲音樂 WinSound Studio
Original Music:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin、林思妤 Szu-Yu Lin
Sound Design:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin、黎智軒 Lai Chi-Hin
Score Mixer & Dubbing Mixer:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin
Voice Over:林呈軒 Cheng-Hsuan Lin
Voice Recording Engineer:林孝親 Hsiao-Chin Lin
Voice Recording Studio:浮光音樂錄音室 Fullight Music
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