Meet Again 又相遇了
Music Video
Production | Finger and Toe
Role | Compositing
Year | 2017
Animation Studio : Finger and Toe
Executive Producer : Charlie Chen
Creative Director:Su Sheng Yang (SURE)
Animation Director : 燒肉放題 ChiGer Chen
Animation Producer : Julie Pan
Art Director : 林筱敏
Storyboard Artist : 炸臭比比 KAI
Designer : 林筱敏、BOOC、炸臭比比 KAI
Cel Animation : 炸臭比比 KAI、張超狗
3D Animation : 陳勁瑋、燒肉放題 ChiGer Chen
Compositing : 燒肉放題 ChiGer Chen、陳勁瑋、林孟學、BOOC
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